Wide Belt Sanders

Extrema offers a full range of wide belt sanders there were designed in the USA especially for the American market. All of our sanders are built using the highest quality components and construction methods such as mono-block construction, Square D electrical controls, and Camozzi pnuematics.

Pro Series

In a production woodworking shop sanding can take up massive amounts of time. The Pro Series by Extrema offers an economical solution by providing quality sanding at an affordable price. Now a small shop can gain the benefits of a production machine that will help get more projects completed and less time sanding.

Excess Series

Excess Series sanders use a 60" long sanding belt. These sanders are manufactured with the same quality components and construction as our industrial machies. However, these machines are affordable enough for smaller manufacturers making its features truly "EXCESSIVE" for a sander of its class.

Performa Series

Extrema's Performa Series sanders feature a 75" long sanding belt and is available with 1, 2, or 3 heads. These wide belt sanders can go up to 52" wide and have up to an 8" contact drum. These machines like all Extrema wide belt sanders feature Square D electrical controls, and Camozzi pnuematics.

Magnum Series

The Magnum Series wide belt sanders make use of a 103" long sanding belt, come equipped with disc brakes on sanding heads and feature a variable speed drive system. The Madnum Series is available with 2 or 3 sanding heads an comes up to 52" wide. Additional features include a large 10" contact drum.

Super Series

The Extrema Super Series wide belt sander family was designed to meet demand and hold up to continuous usage. The Super Series uses a 103" long sanding belt, and is available from 37" wide up to 52" wide and is equipped with a massive 12" contact drum.

Edge Sanders

Edge Sanders by Extrema feature standard NEMA sized electrical components, up to 3 HP motors, end sanding kits and heavy cast iron platens with graphite backing. Extrema's edge sanders come in various models like the ESO-108 oscillating edge sander, or the ES-OS108 oscillating edge sander with tilting head.

Profile Sanders

Extrema's Profile Sanders are available in single or three phase power, have a maximum brush speed of 1200 RPM and are the fastest way to finish moulded profiles. These Profile Sanders come with a brush drum backed by sanding strips for sanding raw wood. They also feature nylon impregnated bristles for sanding fine raw woords or sealer. Etrema also offers a wire brush head used for scaling & brush finishing metal.