Super XP Double Sided Planer

Extrema's Super XP Planer has a feed speed of 20-130 ft/min., a shaftdrive system, segmented feed rollers, 12 sets of feed rollers, jointer style infeed, patented top and bottom Super Slide out cutterheads, pneumatically loaded hold down rolls, a hard chrome plated bed, optinal long infeed table, disc brakes, massive four post elevation system and is available with Vector, Stealth, Mach or Straight Knife cutter Heads.

  • Patented top and bottom Super Slide
    slide out cutterheads
  • Segmented pressure roller conforms to wood
    variances without sacrificing strength and durability
  • Jointer style infeed
  • Feed speeds 20 - 130 ft/min
  • Digital PLC thickness controller
  • 6000 RPM cutterheads
  • Pneumatically loaded hold down rollers
  • Long lasting hard chrome plated bed for
    increased durability and smooth feeding
  • Durable and reliable shaft drive system
  • Powered top and bottom feed rollers provide
    excellent traction for larger material
  • The only planer on the market with disc brakes
  • Available with VECTOR, MACH, STEALTH or
    straight knife cutterheads
  • Massive 4 post elevation system
  • Wye-delta soft start
  • Centralized lubrication system
  • Amp load meters
  • Auto thickness device for precise thickness
  • Overload interrupt detection
  • Elevation interlock prevents cutterhead from
    moving while machine is in operation
  • 12 sets of powered feed rollers for positive
    feeding traction
  SXP-225 SXP-243
Width 25" 43"
Top Motor 50 HP 60 HP / 75 HP
Bottom Motor 40 HP 40 HP / 50 HP
Elevation Motor 2 HP 2 HP
Feed Motor 5 HP 7.5 HP
Max Thickness 8" 8"
Min Thickness 3/8" 3/8"
Min Stock Length 15-1/2" 15-1/2"
Feed Speeds 20-130 ft/min 20-130 ft/min
Cutterhead RPM 6000 6000
Top Cutter Access Super Slide Super Slide
Bottom Cutter Access Super Slide Super Slide
Disc brakes YES YES
Feed System Seg. Roller Seg. Roller
Drive System Shaft Shaft
CFM Requirements 3000 4500
Amps (220 V / 440V) 238 / 119 250 / 125
Weight 9610 lbs 15980 lbs
SXP-425 4-Sided Planer
  • 50 HP Top, 40HP Bottom
  • 15 HP side Motor
  • 6000 RPM Cutter heads
  • Air Loaded Sectional feed roller
  • Digital PLC Thickness Controller
  • Long infeed and outfeed tables
  • Moulder Style Side heads
  • Carden Shaft drive System
  • Segmented Roller Feed System
Width 25"
Top Motor 50 HP
Bottom Motor 40 HP
Left motor 15 HP
Right Motor 15 HP
Elevation Motor 2 HP
Feed Motor 5 HP
Max Thickness 12"
Min Length 28"
Feed Speed 0-130ft/min
Cutter Head RPM 6000
Top Cutter Access Super Slide
Bottom Cutter Access Super Slide
Side Cutter Access Moulder Style
Side Spindle Movement Manual Screw
Infeed Table Length 90"
Outfeed table Length 72"
Disc Brakes YES
Amps (220V / 440V) 311 / 156