Single Sided Planers

Whether you need the might of the Titan Series' big 20 HP motor or, your planer needs are light enough for the Pro Series' 7½ HP motor; Extrema has your woodshop taken care of. All Extrema planers feature cast iron construction for durability and are available with helical cutter heads.

Alpha Series Double Sided Planers

The Alpha XP and Titan XP planers are equipped with a jointer-style carpet infeed system with staggered pressure fingers. This provides excellent de-cupping of boards and also works well with varying thickness stock. Both planers in this series feature thick chrome plated beds and easy access slide out cutter heads.


Extrema's planer-sander allows you to plane and sand in a single pass. It features pneumatic disc brakes on sanding and planing heads, and a heavy duty steel mono-block construction, digital PLC thickness controller and an electronic eye tracking system. With its , and it optional front and rear bed extensions this machine makes a valuable asset to any woodworking shop.

High Power Double Sided Planers

Extrema heard the need for high-powered planers and we answered with the Super XP and Magnum XP planers. These planers are available with motors up to 75 HP and also feature a durable shaft drive system. The Super XP is equipped with segmented pressure rollers to conform to wood variances. The Magnum XP uses a jointer-style carpet feed system to remove cupping.

4-Sided Planer

Extrema's Super XP 425 has all the same great features as the standard Super XP but also includes two 15 HP moulder-style side heads and long infeed and outfeed tables.