XC-18 Cut-Off Saw

Avalable in both left (XC-18L) and right (XC-18R) models. Solid heavy cast iron constructed table top. The newly designed guard assembly is easy to work with, and provides maximum security and visibility. It increases production time over other models, and is designed with safety in mind by helping keep your hands away from the blade.

  • 18" Blade Capacity
  • 10 HP 3 PH motor
  • 1" arbor
  • Solid heavy cast iron constructed table top
  • Heavy steel frame for vibration free performance
  • Variable speed saw travel for a variety of materials
  • Pneumatic hold downs for materials
  • Efficient dust collection outlet
  • Fast cycle speed for heavy production use
  • Pneumatic cycle operation
  • Cycle Process
    1. Guard clamp closes, holding lumber in place
    2. Saw blade rises from under the table to cut
    3. When cutting is done, blade returns under table
    4. Guard clamp then releases lumber
  XC-18 Cut-Off Saw
Motor 10 HP
Blade Capacity 18"
Arbor Size 1"
Cycles per min. 60
Phase 3 PH
Voltage 230/460V
Weight 910 lbs